ThM in Biblical Interpretation

Publiée le 20.01.2020

Moving forward. Looking back to better discern God’s faithfulness.

This is what the seminary has been trying to do since its beginnings in 1974. Standing on the past in order to better proclaim the grace of Christ to a world in ever greater need of the Good News: this is what we continue, by the grace of God, to do as this new decade opens before us.

The faculty is trying to echo this same vocation. In order to do this, the faculty is called to constantly remember that we are serving God’s people. Thus, the seminary must always re-evaluate  the relevance of its curriculum, and its place within the larger global Church.

To do so, the seminary has also announced two new ThM programs, delivered in English, one in “Biblical Interpretation” (September 2020), and one in “Public Theology” (September 2021). While the seminary is still committed to reaching out the French-speaking world, we also believe that this goal will be furthered by strengthening the presence of the seminary in the international evangelical world.

The ThM in Reformed Public Theology program focuses on the place and role of Christians, and of the Church, in a post-Christian world sometimes hostile to the foundations of the Christian faith. The first semester is structured around a course entitled « Survey of Public Theology » in which the various theories of public theology are evaluated from a reformed perspective. The semester also includes research seminars on specific topics concerning the role of Christians and the church: definition of private and public sphere, public ethics, etc. The second semester is devoted to writing the ThM thesis. Dissertation topics can be chosen from all areas related to the public dimension of theology.

The ThM in Biblical Interpretation program, which will begin in September 2020, offers specialized training in biblical exegesis (Old or New Testament). This program in English includes a semester of modular seminars and a semester of dissertation preparation. The first semester includes research seminars on various topics in the fields of exegesis, biblical languages ​​and the history of interpretation. The second semester is devoted to writing the ThM thesis. The dissertation topics can be selected from all areas of biblical interpretation: Old or New Testament, languages ​​(Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic), textual criticism and ancient versions, biblical theology, hermeneutics, and the history of interpretation.

May we continue to faithfully serve the Church of Jesus Christ!


ThM in Biblical Interpretation: Rodrigo de Sousa (
ThM in Public theology: Yannick Imbert (

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